BenVCapital Corporation To Provide 500M+ KN95 Masks Monthly Globally


TORONTO, Ontario, BenVCapital Corporation (BenVCapital) is proud to announce an exclusive manufacturing agreement for the supply of 500M+ KN95 Masks monthly, worldwide through multiple manufacturing locations. The Finance and Consulting company will be working with Non-Profit Stay At Home Heroes to support awareness and community outreach.

BenVCapital’s solution is uniquely positioned to provide KN95 Masks globally by chartered flights within short fulfillment timelines. Their existing network of finance, supply chain resources, and global manufacturing will make a significant impact on helping with mask shortages during COVID-19 while continuing to support front-line workers and those in need to stay safe, protected, and healthy.

BenVCapital will be directly donating KN95 Masks to charities, non-profit’s and citizens in need, such as retirement homes, through a collaboration with Stay At Home Heroes and the Social Innovation Institute.

“BenVCapital’s primary mission is to help improve the human condition while respecting the environment by leveraging our capital resources.” Said Rob J Benvie, CEO of BenVCapital.

“In the context of the current pandemic, our network has decided to join forces to fill essential gaps in supplying medical products for various public and private organizations. BenVCapital has secured several supply chains to provide, in substantial quantities, the products in demand, such as KN95 surgical masks and other face filtering pieces. Our mission is to allow customers to purchase in complete security, and with the peace of mind that they will receive the products ordered with the declared specifications, within the expected timeframe.”

“With elderly parents aged 78 and 82 it is a personal passion of mine to ensure we are supporting the vulnerable population at this time. Our triaged approach to ensure supply and distribution to organizations such as hospitals, homeless shelters, and those working with seniors and youth is of the utmost importance.” Rob added.

“At Stay At Home Heroes we are motivated to support efforts to flatten the curve meaningfully. We are incredibly thankful to BenVCapital for their powerful donation and their commitment to helping globally during this pandemic.” Said Jessica Martins, Director, Stay At Home Heroes. “Through our public service awareness platform, we couldn’t be more pleased to spread this positive message in corporate leadership.” She added.

“Stay At Home Heroes is proud to work alongside BenVCapital and the Social Innovation Institute to help those most in need. Our Non-Profit organization that works alongside front-line workers has become acutely aware of the shortages of KN95 surgical masks, and we are compelled to help address these shortages and get masks to those who need them most.” Said Fulvio Ciano, Founder, Stay At Home Heroes.

About BenVCapital
BenVCapital is a finance and consulting company that can help structure a successful startup or reshape an existing company that needs a hand to reach its full potential. They also provide financing solutions designed to help businesses take those key strategic measures that set the leaders ahead of the pack. BenVCapital offers traditional consulting services, management advisory services, as well as creative solutions designed with a company’s specific requirements in mind. BenVCapital represents a high-performance organization managed by a seasoned team of professionals.

BenVCapital is open to discussions with potential purchasers of KN95 Masks and is actively seeking to help governments, businesses, and organizations that require filtering face-pieces to support front-line workers responding to COVID-19. If your organization is in need, please contact:

About Stay At Home Heroes
Launched in March 2020 as a response to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s call to action to help “plank the curve”. Stay At Home Heroes was created to provide content to Canadian Citizens during the COVID-19 crisis that motivates and provides information on how to self-isolate, stay healthy, and maintain social and physical distancing. For more information visit, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn,Twitter, TikTok #stayathomehero #plankthecurve

Social Innovation Institute (SII)
Social Innovation Institute is a charity with a mission to put people and the planet first. At their best, social innovations address the root causes of problems that have resisted traditional methods and institutions. SII focuses on educating the public about social innovation, supporting other charities and supporting those most marginalized.

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